NEW QUALITY CERTIFICATIONS: ISO 14001:2018 & 14007:2015

BONOMI INDUSTRIES and its holding company Hadron, have always paid upmost care to guarantee safety and health of their employees and to protect the environment. Italian laws on both topics are very stringent and we have always complied, but it was now time for us to certify what we do every day in these regards. This is the reason why we have applied for ISO 45001:2018 (Occupational Health & Safety) as well as for ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management System) certifications to Lloyd’s Register. Audits for both specifications have been successfully passed at our first attempt in November 2021.

ISO 14001, focuses on the protection and preservation of the environment inside and outside the plant; this certification further improves our processes to minimize pollution, waste, energy consumption and increase recycling. We all know that old habits must be discontinued because if we harm the land, or the air or if we waste potable water, future generations may not have enough of these life-saving resources. We love our children and we love Earth. Now this is not only a statement: It is certified!

ISO 45001 certification is part of BONOMI INDUSTRIES welfare project to create and preserve healthier, safer and happier people within our organization. Our history shows very few accidents and none with permanent consequences. We continue to improve our work environment targeting no accidents and we know it is not only a matter of writing proper procedures, but awareness at all levels is necessary at all times. Health is the primary benefit of every human being.

Both these standards have been integrated in our ISO 9001:2015 Management System which was originally setup in 1994 and guides our daily decisions and operations.

Audits, or simple visits to the plant are welcome in compliance with pandemic regulations.

We also invite you to read our updated QUALITY & SAFETY MANUAL