• Automatic shut off: Activalve® is a temperature sensitive device that will automatically turn off the main water supply before air temperature drops low enough for pipes to freeze and burst.
  • Easy to operate: Activalve® features a unique gearing system which enables easy operation allowing quick shut off of the main water valve.
    Easy to identify: Activalve® is instantly identifiable as the main water supply control valve.
  • Visual ON-OFF indicator: Activalve® has a highly visible status window that indicates if the water is “ON” or “OFF”.
  • Powerless operation: Activalve® operates without need for power or battery backup which is critical during power outages and is also very economical.
  • 5 year warranty (see BONOMI INDUSTRIES terms and conditions)
  • Patented: Innovative design, unique in the market, fears no comparison.

Functions - Advantages

Often the main water supply valve is installed in restricted spaces or we don’t even know where it is located. Even more often, the valve is “blocked” or in a location that is impossible to operate. Of course, we usually discover this situation once we are in an emergency such as when there is a pipe rupture and we need to act immediately.

With a simple push button activation, Activalve® shuts off the main water supply instantly:

  • In case of pipe rupture, it significantly limits potential water damage.
  • In case of maintenance on the house water supply system, it allows quick water main shut off so that maintenance operations can proceed immediately, (and without extra time charges on the plumber’s bill!).

It is important to have Activalve® in every home, particulary when on vacation or if you leave your property for long periods of time such as cabins or 2nd homes which are only lived in for certain periods of the year.

Should freezing temperatures occur in your home, Activalve® automatically shuts off the main water supply preventing continuous water flow that would otherwise damage your important and valuable possessions.
Water damage can be as devastating as a house fire.

Activalve® does not require any electricity or batteries, as it is a mechanical design and completely manual. Even in case of power outages, operation is still guaranteed.

Activalve® valve is manufactured with lead-free and dezincification resistant brass, and meets safe drinking water regulations. Approvals pending.

The compression ends of the valve makes for really easy and fast installation of Activalve® in preexisting valve situations.

“Easy to install - Easy to operate”
  1. Replace existing water main valve with Activalve® ball valve. Test for tightness.
  2. Fit the mounting plate to the ball valve using the four screws provided.
  3. Fit the Activalve® unit to the mounting plate by hooking the top over the plate and securing at the bottom using the two screws provided.

Technical Specifications
  1. Valve Wheel: Rotate counter clockwise to open valve.
  2. OFF Button: Simply push button to turn water off.
  3. ON-OFF Indicator: Indicator window shows if water
    flow is ON or OFF at a glance.
  4. Valve: S.468 full port shut off ball valve suitable for
    drinking water: approvals pending.
  5. Temperature Sensor: (located inside) Manufactured in
    compliance to ISO 9001:2008 & AS 9100 – Aerospace
    quality system standard.
  6. Spring: (located inside) Highest quality stainless steel

The Modern Mains Water Control

Activalve® is the smart user friendly replacement for the Common Water Valve. This Patented Device has many advantages over the original.

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