BONOMI INDUSTRIES is a manufacturer of shut-off brass valves with focus on ball valves for gas, water, air, oil installations. A family owned company that step by step has grown into the world and continues its efforts to understand market requirements and satisfy customers needs.

Great emphasis is put on quality: ISO 9001:2015 and PED compliance are guaranteed by well known organizations and many major international manufacturers rely on BONOMI INDUSTRIES . We offer a verified package of Q.A. services, use state of the art technology and perform two 100% seal tests on our valves. Efficiency and automation are major factors that lead BONOMI INDUSTRIES investments and competitiveness.

Human skills and commitment to the company’s global target receive primary attention by BONOMI INDUSTRIES management.

Our products are designed with long life and reliability criteria and our engineering department continues to work on improvements and new solutions that include many options and accessories.

Our sales people give highest consideration to any enquiry, and are happy to receive comments or questions for special application or OEM products.


Years have passed, generations have gone and the human discoveries have opened amazing frontiers for humanity; it takes great efforts and many small improvements to conquer wonderful discoveries.

This is the philosophy that guides us: contributing, with our daily efforts, to the great human improvement. Now more than ever, research is fundamental to BONOMI INDUSTRIES growth.

Our people are, above all, “creators of ideas”, each working in its specialized area studying process improvements, new materials, new technologies, new products and always bearing in mind customer’s satisfaction as their primary goal.

Why should you choose BONOMI INDUSTRIES rather than any other valve
manufacturer in the market?

Because BONOMI INDUSTRIES ’s management is quality oriented,
because BONOMI INDUSTRIES is an organization that will always assist you,
because BONOMI INDUSTRIES is a focused factory,
because the size of the organization allows for flexibility, and because…