s.63 spring return

reduced port 1/2″ – 2.1/2″
hot forged brass ball valve

Access to fluid systems in public places could potentially convert into costs and safety problems. In order to avoid unattended valves being left open with negative economic or environmental consequences, BONOMI INDUSTRIES developed the automatic self-closing valve.

The valve can be opened normally by rotating the handle 90° and when the user releases the handle, the valve shuts off automatically. Best solution for service stations, trucks, public areas, gardens.

The same features are also useful in industrial applications, where a valve must not be left open unattended.

1.1/2″-2.1/2″ hollow ball

Part descriptionQ.tyMaterial
1Nickel plated body (external nickel plated, unplated inside up to 2")1CW617N
3Chrome plated ball1CW617N
4Nickel plated end cap (external nickel plated, unplated inside up to 2")1CW617N
5Nickel plated stem O-ring design1CW617N
6Unplated spring nut1CW617N
8Spring return1AISI302
9Yellow PVC coated Geomet® steel handle1DD11

DN shows the nominal flow diameter.
Ball valves are marked CE on handle from 1.1/2″ to 2.1/2″ as follow: CE XXCODEXX Cat. I-A

Pressure-temperature chart
Pressure drop chart
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XCES63MR - 3992