s.130 stainless steel

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full port 1/4″ -4″
NPT ball valve

Technical Data
  • Dual sealing system allows valve to be operated in either direction making installation easier
  • Handle clearly shows ball position
  • Silicone-free lubricant on all seals
  • Test standard API 598
  • NACE compliance MR-01-75
  • Handle stops on body to avoid stresses at stem
  • CF8M stainless steel body and cap
  • Blowout-proof stainless steel stem
  • Glass filled PTFE seats
  • NPT taper ANSI B.1.20.1 female by female threads
  • 100% full port for maximum flow
  • Plastic coated stainless steel lockable handle. Handle coating offers both thermal and electrical protection
  • WARNING: do not exceed reasonable temperature and/or electrical load
  • Handle removable with valve in service
Working pressure & temperature
  • 1000 PSI non-shock cold working pressure
  • 150 PSI WSP steam rating
  • 2x 10-2 torr vacuum rating
  • *150 psig non-shock working steam pressure. Not suitable for throttling steam.
  • -50°F/ +450°F
  • WARNING: freezing of the fluid in the installation may severely damage the valve
Upon request
  • Oval lockable handle up to 2″
Approved by or in compliance with
  • GOST-R (Russia)


NOTE: approvals apply to specific configurations/sizes only.

Part descriptionQ.tyMaterial
4Stem1A276 Gr. 316
5Seat2PTFE +15% G/F
7Thrust washer1PTFE
9Gland1A194 Gr.8
10Lockable handle1A240 SS304
11Lock washer1A493 SS304
12Handle nut1A194 Gr.8
13Handle sleeve1Vinyl grip
14Locking plate1A240 SS304
Water flow ratings
s.130 stainless steel
Pressure-temperature chart
Pressure drop chart
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XCE130 - 3992