s.190 with integrated vertical filter

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1/2″ – 2″
hot forged brass ball valve

This ball valve with built-in vertical filter allows a large flow rate with a low pressure drop and supports a maximum pressure of 30 bar (PN).
This innovative product avoids the installation of two ball valves, before and after the filter. Quick and easy assembly, maintenance and cleaning.

Technical Data

• Substitutes 3 different components (2 ball valves and one filter)
• Reduces leakage risks due to lower sealing points
• Cost saving due to reduced number of components
• Time saving at installation and maintenance
• Built-in vertical filter with cartridge structure in AISI304 + Nylon (filtration degree: 500 microns / 35 mesh). Size ½” has a central rib to ease filter extraction.
• Final test conforming with UNI EN 12266-1 points A3 / A4 (for 1.½” and 2” sizes: acc. to directive 2014/68/UE)
• No metal-to-metal moving parts
• Handle clearly shows ball position
• Chrome plated brass ball for longer life
• Handle stop on body to avoid stress at stem


• Hot forged sand blasted, external nickel plated brass body and cap sealed with Loctite® or equivalent thread sealant
• Finest brass according to EN 12165 and EN 12164 specifications
• Bottom plug for an easy filter maintenance


• Blowout-proof unplated brass stem
• Two O-rings at the stem (FKM + NBR) for maximum safety


• Pure PTFE seats


• ISO 228 parallel female by female threads

  •  Nominal port

• Zinc plated steel handle with plastic dip coating
WARNING: do not exceed reasonable temperature and/or electrical load

Working pressure & temperature

• 30 bar (450 PSI) non-shock cold working pressure for sizes ½” to 1”, 20 bar (290 PSI) for sizes 1.¼” to 2”
• -20°C to +150°C (-4°F to +300°F)
WARNING: freezing of the fluid in the installation may severely damage the valve

  • T-handle for ½” to 1” sizes.
PED directive

• According to 2014/68/UE, 1.¼” and superior sizes cannot be used with dangerous fluids

Approved by or in compliance with

• Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (United Kingdom)


NOTE: approvals apply to specific configurations/sizes only.

Part descriptionQ.tyMaterial
1Nickel plated body (external treatment)1CW617N
2Nickel plated end-cap (external treatment)1CW617N
4Unplated stem O-ring design1CW614N
5Chrome plated ball1CW617N
8Filter 1AISI304 + Nylon
9Filter1AISI304 + Nylon
10Flat seal1NBR
12Black plastic coated zinc plated handle1Steel
13Zinc plated nut1Steel
Pressure - temperature chart

Pressure drop chart

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XCE190 - 4266