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1/4″ NPT needle valve

The new RuB needle valve proves the state of the art of RuB innovation capabilities.

This inexpensive valve is designed to ease flow regulation in all applications where drops are counted like gold!

The flow chart on reverse compares the RuB linear curve performance with competition and it is obvious how by counting the number of turns, the operator can easily adjust flow.

All details of the RuB needle valve have been optimized to provide utmost performance, reliability and no maintenance.

Another ”install and forget” RuB product.

Technical Data
  • Innovative design
  • No maintenance ever required
  • Performance guaranteed
  • Tamper proof
  • Hot forged brass body
  • One piece body construction
  • FPM stem seal design
  • Handle stop on stem prevents stem blow-out
  • Fip x Fip NPT threads

  • Easy flow regulation
Working pressure & temperature
  • 2000 PSI non-shock cold working pressure
  • -40°F to +350°F
  • WARNING: freezing of the fluid in the installation may severely damage the valve
  • Mip x Fip NPT threads
Upon request
  • 1/8” NPT threads

Applications include shut off and throttling for pressure gauges and instruments.

Part descriptionQ.tyMaterial
1Unplated valve body1CW617N
Pressure drop chart
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XCE7352 - 4266